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Couch Corner.jpg
Big Couch Mood.jpg
Leather Chair Mood.jpg
Two frmes living room.jpg
Plant room gold leaf.jpg
Pink Room.jpg
Living Rooom 1_one.jpg
Wood office Golden Leaf.jpg
Plant Room square frame2.jpg
Bar Table Gold Leaf.jpg
Yellow Chair Mood.jpg
Brick Wall Living Room.jpg
Living Rooom 2.jpg
Goldene Vase Golden Leaf.jpg
Restaurant 3 Frames.jpg
Cat Couch Mood.jpg
Coffee Shop Mood.jpg
Chill Chair Pink Leaf.jpg
Big White Room distant frame.jpg

Real Leaf Art.

Every leaf is unique.*

Choose background color, frame size and material.

We customize for you.

* Please note that nature defines the look of each leaf.

All leaves have an individual structure which might include scratches, uneven coloring or little rips.

However, once framed the preserved leaves will not change over time.

We love the natural look. But we can color leaves in different colors if requested.

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